Reinventing Wind Power™

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VariLoad™ Solution

Frontier Wind develops fast-acting smart blade solutions for utility scale wind turbines so more power can be generated at lower cost. Turbines equipped with Frontier Wind’s VariLoad™ active load management systems can rapidly react to, and manage, dynamic and widely fluctuating wind conditions. This unique system can increase capacity factors, reduce repair and maintenance costs, and make wind energy more economical and profitable.

Turbine Loads ChartThe Frontier Wind VariLoad™ system is the first commercially available active load management system that can rapidly reduce wind loads at the turbine blade, enabling:

More Power

By instantaneously reducing load on the blade, VariLoad™ changes the load profile on the turbine to respond like a significantly smaller rotor, bringing loads back into the safe zone. VariLoad™ is fast – it reacts to and reduces loads 20x faster than conventional pitch systems. No other load management scheme is as quick and effective as VariLoad™.

Since VariLoad™ rapidly manages fluctuating wind conditions, peak and fatigue loads are significantly reduced, enabling more power production, reducing planned & unplanned O&M Costs, and allowing customers to open new markets in virtually any wind class.

Increasing rotor size by just 10% = 15% more power annually = dramatic project NPV improvement

Large Rotor, Superior Power Curve, Improved Project Economics