Reinventing Wind Power™

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Reduce the cost of energy

Turbine imageFrontier Wind’s mission is to develop and deploy technology to reduce the cost of energy for all participants in the wind industry.

At most wind farm locations, manufacturers have been forced to specify blades that are too short and produce less power. Why? Because turbines must survive 100% of what Nature throws at them. So, by using shorter blades to avoid the small minority of occasions when the forces of nature would push loads beyond the machines’ design limits, the turbines underperform the vast majority of the time. In addition, when winds are turbulent, wind turbines typically rely on slow and cumbersome pitch systems that react too late, after damage has been done.

The result: energy production is left on the table and components fail prematurely. This is production and cost that will never be recouped. Everyone in the process loses value:

Manufacturers face high warranty exposure, risk catastrophic failure and as a result specify reduced turbine rotor size and can’t get full value for their products.

Operators remain vulnerable to excessive loads and the resulting higher maintenance costs. If the Manufacturer sizes the blades too big, they’ll get more energy now, but enormous operating costs and component failures later.

Owners experience lower returns on their investment. At every point, the production cost of energy remains higher than it need be. Owners are not maximizing their returns with blades that are either too long or too short.

Frontier Wind’s technologies focus on the major point of pain for a wind turbine — extreme and fatigue loads, where they matter most – at the blade — making optimum performance a reality, every day, on every turbine, in every application.

Open new wind markets

Pyramid Wind Class ChartLower Wind Classes
With most of the high wind sites already developed, the wind industry is aggressively pursuing lower wind class regimes, and to do this, turbines with larger and larger rotors need to be deployed. This means wind turbines are more exposed than ever to the inconsistent forces of nature. A fast, dynamic load management solution is required to enable the growth of wind power as an economically viable renewable energy source.

By enabling the use of larger rotors, Frontier Wind generates more power on a given wind site, and allows customers to open new markets in IEC Wind Classes III and IV around the world without changing turbine designs.

Higher Wind Classes
The competition for stronger wind resources has become increasingly intense. By using Frontier Wind technology, bigger rotors can be flown safely in higher wind classes. For example, taking a conventional IEC Class III rotor and equipping it with Frontier Wind technology to safely fly in Class II conditions and generate significantly more energy.