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Frontier Wind was founded in 2007 as a spin-out from wind energy developer, owner-operator and innovator, Energy Unlimited, Inc. (“EUI”). EUI was one of the first owner-operators of a wind turbine in the U.S., the first to install and operate a 1MW class turbine in North America, and the recipient of the DOE’s “Inventions and Innovation” grant in 2007. Today, EUI operates nearly 400 turbines in Southern California.

Frontier Wind’s team is built on broad and deep experience in the disciplines critical to wind technology success. Born from over 30 years in wind farm operation and extended with expertise in wind turbine and aerospace design, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), as well as load analysis and control, Frontier Wind’s credentials are a strong match for those eager to capitalize on wind’s potential. Frontier Wind is Reinventing Wind Power: Providing More Power and Less Pain.